Fami Pass Score "The 2 of the different Swords", "The long hope of the letter" Platinum Palace

  • Nov 21, 2017
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This week's "Fami Pass" game score published, "The letter of the Wild Hope: ambition" to obtain 36 points, "The Spirit of the Sword 2" to obtain 35 points, both entered the Palace of platinum, "Cat Dou Dragon" immediately thereafter, get 33 points of high marks.
Here are the specific ratings for each game:
Ps4/switch's wild hope of Faith: 36 points (9/9/9/9)
This is the "long hope of the letter" series of the latest work, as the subtitle of "ambition" expressed the meaning of the player will be able to assemble in this work in each of the hearts of the generals included in the ambitions, the export of different course of action, and influence Generals command, good at tactics, play strategy
Switch "The 2 of the Different Swords": 35 min (9/9/8/9)
This is the "difference of the sword" of the Orthodox, the player plays a life in the back of the giant beast of the youth, in and known as the "Holy Grail of Heaven," The Sword "flame" after the encounter, together to explore the vast world and find a paradise journey.
Fami Pass Score "The 2 of the different Swords", "The long hope of the letter" Platinum Palace
Switch "Cat Fights the Dragon": 33 points (8/8/9/8)
This is a ARPG game, the player will play a cat, in an open world to fight, while exploring this vast continent.
3DS "The advance of the Giants 2 future coordinates": 32 minutes (8/8/8/8)
This is the 3DS game "advance of the giant human last Wing" of the sequel, the game is divided into "story mode" and "World Mode", the player can fully experience the 2nd season TV animation plot. You can also create your own role in the world mode and fight with other players online.
3DS "The Big Dipper of Star card": 30 points (7/7/8/8)
This is the "star card ratio" series of the latest works, the main 4 people disorderly fight, players can choose the 15 of the ability to fight, in addition to this also can participate in the network points competition.


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