"Final Fantasy world" continued, this time is hand tour

  • Nov 21, 2017
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Since its release in 2016, "Final Fantasy world" with its fresh painting wind and Q-Meng people set up a large number of fans, and will be the day after tomorrow (November 22) landing Steam platform. The latest news shows that the game will launch a mobile version of the sequel, which is expected to be available at the end of the year to support Android and iOS systems.
"Final Fantasy world" continued, this time is hand tour
continued to be developed and distributed by Drecom, positioned as a casual game. As in the previous work by Hashimoto Real division as executive producer, thousands of Ye Guangxiu as supervision. Players will be able to make friends with fans of the "Garden Dome", in the Different World "Varugaran" adventure.
Continue to follow the success of the previous work well, the "stacked music" system is still available, with a maximum of 6 small (s) fans, 4 medium (M) and 2 large (L) fans superimposed. The original characters appearing in the previous work will also continue to appear in this process.
At the same time, the continuation of the game and the former will be different, but also may support the joint operation of many people.
Speaking of the mobile version of the sequel, the game development team said that as early as the development of the former, they have a mobile version of the idea, but from the start of the production of mobile phone version will significantly increase the development costs, so they decided to focus on the host platform, lay a good foundation. With the "Final Fantasy world" hot 800,000 sets, by the support of players from home and abroad, they then put the money into the mobile version of the production.


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